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❛The Robot Dragon Bull❜™



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NMS Mobile VR

No Man's Sky

"An infinite universe in a mobile app." Available on Apple and Android smartphones everywhere. 📱 That's my goal with No Man's Sky. Why smartphones? Because smartphones will reach all! So far: "An infinite universe in the palm of your hands." Available on PC, PC VR, handhelds and platforms everywhere. Microsoft Game Pass, Windows OS, Mac OS, Linix OS, Steam, Steam Deck, GOG, Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox S|X, PlayStation, PS4, PS5, PSVR, PSVR2, Nintendo Switch and Apple iPad. So NMS on smartphones, right? No Man's Sky, always on the bleeding edge of being created just 'almost' too soon. Up next: NMS wearables, "play anywhere anytime," coming to smartwatches everywhere. ⌚ After that, next-gen smart rings, followed by 'W/ARE: Dream Better." Helpful feedback, holographic projections, physical to digital whole bodily ascensions, heavenly transfigurations like never seen before, "experiance the universe like not even yet possible." Coming soon; But let me not get ahead of myself.

What is No Man's Sky? Our ever expanding science fiction epic. Explore and survive in an infinite procedurally generated universe. Who's Crimsontine? Citizen Scientist, Citizen Developer, for Hello Games. As a community, let us work to inspire Hello Games, to improve and expand our No Man's Sky. Up next: No Man's Sky, 'The #1 Most Popular Video Game,' of all time. How so? Because together, we can. Come join me.

Atlas CSD

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Atlas CSD

Atlas CSD (Atlas Foundation's Citizen Science Division; formerly ETARC, Edison Township Amateur Radio Club) is 'The Official No Man's Sky Gaming Forums.' It was created by Hello Games (the developers and publishers of NMS) during the Waking Titan ARG, which was in turn created by Alice & Smith (a professional ARG company). As a founding member, I invite you to come join. Come share screenshots, videos, wishes, speculations and much more. Direct Message me on Twitter with your email if desiring an official invite link from Crimsontine. Otherwise, you may join freely. Welcome!

Why 65? Likely a reference to 65daysofstatic who created the NMS soundtrack. Maybe HG will get around to merging it to where it obviously belongs.

About Us

"The Atlas Foundation's Citizen Science Division is a way for you to participate in some of the most landmark research projects of our time. Through your actions, you will be helping to uncover the secrets of time, space — and ultimately the truth of our very existence. Together we are on the brink of changing the world." - end of quote.

Coming Soon

Game Progression — Voyage to the Center & Galaxy Back-Travel

❛MULTIVERSE❜ — Parallel Universes & Underworld Mirrorverses

❛THE BASIN❜💦 — Creeks, Rivers & Waterfalls

Active & Ongoing

Future Update Speculation 💭

Wishes: “Dream Harder” 💭

Screenshots 🖼️

Videos 📹




NMS Esports

NMS Esports

No Man's Sky Esport Tournament Directory.

Consider hosting your own event.

NMS Concerts

NMS Concerts

No Man's Sky eConcert Directory.

Watch and host concerts, over streams and videos, directly in-game or through green screens, ft. singer/songwriter, electronic, traditional world instrumentation, the in-game ByteBeat machine and/or 8-bit fusion blends. All genres of music are welcome.

Consider hosting your own talent shows or sing-off competitions.

NMS Seeds

NMS Seeds

No Man's Sky Seed Code Repository.

Access a multi-platform concept of organized sharing.



❝Valejestic Starcompass Collective❞

No Man's Sky Civilization and In-game Multiplayer Hub. By Crimsontine Valejestic (Crim) with Starmza Valejestic (Star, Crim's wife) and Viquicio Valejestic (Viq, Crim's bro), the Valejestic family of No Man's Sky band, UNINITI.

UNINITI is derived from 'Universe Infinity' and means 'World Unity.'

UNINITI Hub: 256 galaxies × 9 hubs across all 8 points of the compass, with galaxy headquarters at the center of each galaxy, and universe headquarters at the center of Euclid galaxy = 2,304 hubs. Goal: "Take over the universe" — with love.

Ancient Airwaves

Ancient Airwaves

❛Ancient Airwaves❜™ is an online television and radio station, broadcasting 365/24/7 non-stop, by Crimsontine. This station ft. an eclectic mix of No Man's Sky news, talk and entertainment, with developer and player interviews, future update wishes and speculations, outlandish stories and bizarre music, including both wild and semi-tame, with an original NMS ByteBeat Fusion, of 8-bit, vocals and multi-instrumentation.

I'm your host, Crimsontine. Get on the show, DM me on Twitter:



❛NMSAM❜™ on Zeno.FM is Ancient Airwaves — except: "Music Only."

❝No Man's Sky Alternative Music❞

Bad Monkey BooOdd Panda Poo

Bad Monkey Boo

❛Bad Monkey Boo❜™ on Zeno.FM ft. the wildest & most untamed music this side of the wrong realities.

Odd Panda Poo

❛Odd Panda Poo❜™ on Zeno.FM contrasts by ft. the softest & most semi-sane music this side of an otherworldly rainbow.

The NMS AM-FM TV-Radio

📺 Got NMS AM-FM TV-Radio? 📻
Get NMS Flix & Grooves!

Catch a signal on ❛The NMS AM-FM TV-Radio❜ where even ❝superheroes can have superpets, too.❞ Host: Dr Crimsontine CSD. Genre: Talk TV-Radio and 8-Bit Fusion.



❛NMSFM❜™ on Zeno.FM (by @VeritasVelez) ft. original ByteBeat music made by players all across the world and the No Man's Sky universe.

❝No Man's Sky Free Music❞


❛NMSFM-X❜™ on Zeno.FM is NMSFM — except: "Ad-Free, Talk-Free."



Come join the Scirensic Private Investigators on impossible odysseys of realities unknown. Coming soon to Amazon Kindle, BookBaby Bookshop and others in print, PDF, EPUB and more. Written and illustrated by Crimsontine Valejestic. Release date TBD.

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