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Everything subject to change, and without any prior notice, and subject to human error. As an active member of the Crimsontine community, you agree to be compassionate, understanding and cooperative, at all times and under all circumstances. Thank you!

(Terms ¹·¹⁰) Terms continued below...

Security ²·¹⁰

While it's ultimately your own responsibility to secure your devices and safeguard your private and personally identifiable information online, it's also a shared responsibility to safeguard any such info that we may or may not know about others.

Suggestion: Consider using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), anti-virus software, complex non-tangible passwords and 2-factor authentication, across all online interactions, such as surfing the web, checking email and sharing on platforms.

Always check links very carefully before clicking these and become very familar with what are considered the official means of communication with Crimsontine.

See for official social media links and 'Terms 9.9: Contacts' below for official contact information. Don't trust anything else as it may be fake.

Subs/Merch/Dono ³·¹⁰

Subscriptions and Merch Sales don't lead to any special relationships or otherwise status symbols. Example: When an icon is placed beside a username indicating a level of support on some platforms, it is a feature of the platfom and placed there out of appriciation for your ongoing support, but this does not nesessarily indicate any special relationships or otherwise status symbols. All donations are final and don't count as payment for products, services or activities, or lead to any special relationships or otherwise status symbols. Don't sub, buy products (merch) or donate for these purposes! Don't donate if under the age of 18 and without guardian consent. Don't use someone else's banking or credit / debit card information. Subs, Merch and Dono are optional, so do certainly stay within your means, but it helps and is appreciated.

See Linktree for all numerous donation options.

Sponsors ⁴·¹⁰

There are many ways to support a creator, such as visiting a sponsor link or sitting through video ads. Granted, I have no control over the content within such ads, as these are entirely chosen by the platform. And as a multistreamer (streaming simultaniously across numeriuos platforms all at once) and thus under no exclusivity contracts, I do not receive a cut of ad-revenue through all platforms (such as Twitch), but it does help support the platform. Instead, I may receive ad-revenue through other platforms (such as YouTube) and receive a small affiliate commission from some product links, including Amazon and other merchants, but at no additional cost to you. Of course, paid subscription is probably the best means of support, as it ensures a full cut (typically 90%) of an ongoing and predictable monthly income, as provided by superfans.

See Linktree for all my subscription options.

Content ⁵·¹⁰

I don't comment on all replies, and only those I see or feel comfortable with, or can even think of how to respond to, so your post may be seen, unseen, ignored, deleted by a mod, or I got distracted, if not overwhelmed. Many apologies! — ❝I do not claim to be an expert at anything, but instead a learner at all things.❞ — I also don't follow all the advice given in chat. But sharing is caring and thanks for trying to help. We don't claim to feature teen content streams and family-friendly chats, but we do at least attempt and enforce the endeavor. (මᴗම)~♡

So adult supervision / parental guidance is advised!

Story/Lore ⁶·¹⁰

I use a lot of sci-fi terminology, such as "xeno-" (meaning alien or foreign) or "human test subjects" (those subjected to my creative processes or social multimedia experiments), so do recognize such as playfulness and don't take story/lore too seriously.

Q. Genius mad doctor-scientist though!? A. Sci-fi terminology, bro. Q. Gonna take over the world, eh!? A. Dude...

❝One root. One tree. One love.❞

Q. Why choose the central theme of your story/lore to be world domination? A. In explanation, world powers dominate with force, platforms dominate with creators, and creators dominate with followers, while God dominates with love, and does so freely.

So my point is this: What can we learn from God?

Some think I'm "mad," they think I'm crazy. Why? Because they themselves do not believe in God, and thus do not understand a word of which I am speaking.

Perspective ⁷·¹⁰

I write, speak and express from my own viewpoint, which does not necessarily and accurately reflect those of others. Example: My statements may not accurately reflect those of JW, but such would be entirely unintentional. So I apologize, just in case.

Privacy ⁸·¹⁰

This website may use internet browser cookies for website functionlty and statistical purposes. This involves the storing and collecting of information regarding it's online users. This information will never be sold or passed on to any others persons, except law inforcement in the event of an issue arising. Such information may include internet service provider, internet access location and your device's unique IP address. If you do not like this, do not use the website, as there is no way to opt out. Granted, you can clear your browser cookies, at any time, through your internet browser itself; and a virtual private network (VPN) could be used as a future workaround.

Do not share private info through public online social media and/or otherwise interactions, as this will all be viewed as public information. However, some online interactions such as shopping transactions will, of course, be view as private information and used only for that intended purpose.

Copyright ⁹·¹⁰

© 1983-2023 Crimsontine ENT. Crimsontine, Dr Crimsontine Valejestic CSD, Dr Crim CSD, The Robot Dragon Bull, Odd Panda Poo, Bad Monkey Boo and UNINITI and their logos are ®️ registered trademarks, pending registration and/or trademarks (™) of Crimsontine ENT or its affiliates in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

Contact ¹⁰·¹⁰

Business Contact: Corporate email on Linktree, DM on Note: Business Contact is for business only, so auto-filter is set to maximum filtration and unfortunately most messages are wiped upon delivery. Be professional, be authentic!

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